A Fire Born of Exile

Drama llama/wallflower. Revenge, dark secret, total inability of one protagonist to consider her own safety or happiness

Out now from Gollancz (UK/Europe/Commonwealth) and paperback/ebook from JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc (North America), a sapphic Nirvana in Fire/Count of Monte Cristo.

A scholar, betrayed and left for dead, returns in disguise for revenge. She plans to bring the entire opulent, decadent society of the habitats crashing down.

Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.

The Scattered Pearls Belt is a string of habitats under tight military rule . . . where the powerful have become all too comfortable in their positions, and their corruption. But change is coming, with the arrival of Quynh: the mysterious and enigmatic Alchemist of Streams and Hills.

To Minh, daughter of the ruling prefect of the Belt, Quynh represents a chance for escape. To Hoà, a destitute engineer, Quynh has a mysterious link to her own past . . . and holds a deeper, more sensual appeal. But Quynh has her own secret history, and a plan for the ruling class of the Belt. A plan that will tear open old wounds, shake the heavens, and may well consume her.

A beautiful exploration of the power of love, of revenge, and of the wounds of the past, this fast-paced, heart-warming space opera is set against a backdrop of corruption, power and political scheming in the far reaches of the award-winning Xuya universe.

UK cover: Alyssa Winans
US cover: Ravven

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Is this a Xuya universe book?

Yes it is! It can be read totally independently of the other ones and the plot stands on its own. It’s a different book from the others: it’s a romantic space opera rather than a mystery book. But it still has sentient spaceships, plenty of worldbuilding, way too much tea and food and the usual hallmarks of a Bodard book.

What about the US ebook, print & audio edition?

There will be an ebook and a print edition in the US released October 12th, more information soon.