Pronunciation of names in In the Vanishers’ Palace

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Every name in In the Vanishers’ Palace is pronounced in the Southern pronuciation of Vietnamese: here’s a rough guide to pronunciation of individual letters, vowels and diphtongs : (the “south” variant is the correct one: I always pronounce “s” “sh” and “v” “v-i”).

And here’s the guide to tonal accents: (note, as the page says, that there is no “ngã” tone in Southern Vietnamese, it’s pronounced like the hỏi one).

Here are the Vietnamese transcriptions of the names with some pointers:



Vũ Côn: “V-i-oo C-o-n”, with the second “o” being closed like in “boat”


Elder Minh Thỏ: “minh” is pronounced “m-u-nh” with u as in

Phước (mom)

Elder Giang: as in this (the first pronunciation, by the female voice)

kỳ lân


Vinh: the i is pronounced like “uh” so more “V-unh” The nh as a terminal sound is just pronounced “n”


Thiên An

Hải Yến: Hải as in this

Đán Thông: Thông.Đán is prounced “D-a-n” with an open a.

Đán Liên: Liên like this

Diễm Châu



Hạnh Vàng

Du Khách: the “ch” in Khách is pronounced “t”, so “rh -a -t”

Long Châu


dương (the third pronunciation, the southernmost one)

Kim Ngọc

Kiều: the “ê” is not pronounced so it’s “k-i-oo” with a descending accent


Gia Cầnh