A quick pronunciation guide for The Red Scholar’s Wake

Because people have been asking… Page is not complete yet  but this is a first version:

Xích Si:Xích + shi (2nd pronunciation by huynhkimhieu)
Tiên: here
Kim Thông: Kim like in English, Thông (pronunciation bylananh261)
Hổ: here (pronunciation by nghidungnguyen)
Khanh: here
Huân: here
Trúc: here
An O: “an” like “ann” but with a shorter N, o is a very open O
Đại Việt: here and here (pronunciation by gooseduck)
Cám: here
Tấm: here
Triệu Hoà: here and here (pronunciation by lunch)
Vy: here (I pronounce the “v” somewhere between “v” and “b”, a bit like in some accents of Spanish)
Hạnh: here (pronunciation by the_phuctran)
Châu, Anh Thảo, Lệ Thu, Lệ Đông: Diều Ngà, Chi Lan, Linh, Ái Nhân: to come later