Factions in the House of Shattered Wings

For the interested, here’s a little more info on the various factions of The House of Shattered Wings. This isn’t complete obviously, but it’s what I have in my writing files! (minus spoilers)

You can also take a test here, if you want to know which faction you belong to!

Ludwig Rösch (Austrian, 1865-1936), Die Pilgramkanzel in St. Stephan. Pastel on paper, 65 x 52 cm.

House Silverspires
Founder: Lucifer Morningstar
Location: Ile de la Cité
Colours: red and silver
Coat of arms: the broad two-handed sword of Morningstar against the silhouetted spire of Notre-Dame
Motto: “Look to the risen sun”/”Aspicete solem ortum”
Current head of House: Selene (Fallen)


House Hawthorn
Founder: ?
Location: Southwest of Paris (16e Arrondissement, Auteuil)
Colours: dark grey and silver
Motto: “The thorn among the flowers”/”Spina inter flores ”
Coat of arms: a hawthorn tree circled with a crown
Current head of House: Asmodeus (Fallen)

Paris Saint-Lazare, cour du Havre en 1919, carte postale ancienne

House Lazarus
Founder: Eugénie
Location: near Saint-Lazare
Colours: green and brown
Motto: “Steady, never falling”/”Firma nunquamque lapsa”
Coat of arms: a boulder through which emerges a man with the antlers of a deer
Current head of House: Claire (mortal)

House Harrier
Founder: ?
Location: 15e arrondissement
Colours: blue and black
Motto: “Immortal, unbowed”/”Immortalis invictaque”
Coat of arms: a bird flying over a tower in flames
Current head of House: Guy (Fallen)

House Minimes
Location: 3e arrondissement (Place des Vosges)
Colours: black and white
Current head of House: Sixtine

House Stormgate
Location: near Menilmontant
Current head of House: Bernard

House Shellac
Location: near Gobelins (they hold the Manufacture)
Colours: yellow and white
Coat of arms: a willow-pattern motif (like the Chinese porcelain except in yellow and white rather than white and blue)
Current head of House: Calyce (Fallen)

House Solferino
Location: Palais Bourbon

House Samothrace
Location: the Louvre

Extinct Houses (did not survive the Great Houses War):
House Draken
Location: near Place de la République
Colours: red and gold
Coat of arms: a rearing dragon against the background of a rising sun

House Aiguillon
Location: near the Sorbonne
Colours: blue and gold
Coat of arms: three boars pieced by a single spear (taken from the heraldics for the Duché d’Aiguillon)

House Hell’s Toll
Location: near Denfert-Rochereau

Other factions:
Red Mambas gang
Location: 18e Arrondissement
Current leader: Bloody Jeanne (Jeanne la Sanglante)

Court of the Jade Emperor
Location: Annam
Current leader: Jade Emperor