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Worldcon report: day 4



I couldn’t make it to the Codexian breakfast Saturday morning because I had an early panel about medieval technology. I had expected it to be sparsely populated like my previous panels–however, no such luck, as I found when arriving that the room was packed…
After a brief introduction, the moderator suggested that my co-panelist (Phil Nanson, an expert in medieval weaponry) and I each started out by giving a 20-minute talk on the subject, and follow up with questions.

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Worldcon report, day 2


So, Thursday morning started out pretty low-key: we had breakfast at Muffin Plus, a lovely café that does tons of differently-flavoured muffins (and they had plenty of kinds of tea, too). Then we followed on to a second breakfast with fellow Codexian Jenny Rappaport (as in, an extra set of drinks, not a second helping of muffins. That would have been bad). We also met fellow Codexian Matt Rotundo in the lobby, where he was checking in.
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Worldcon report: day 1


So, a little bit more in the way of actual con reporting…
(usual disclaimer applies: I have a bad memory, and it was a really busy con, so there’s probably going to be holes…)


The day started pretty early on Wednesday for me and Matthieu, since the plane was leaving at 11:00 (wakeup time: 6:00am). We’d packed ahead of time: the only pause in that came when we’d finished piling up Matthieu’s suit and my evening dress, and realised no space was left in the suitcase. Ie, no space for books..
Eek. A quick re-arrangement of containers followed, in order to make sure that we’d have at least some extra space available.
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On our way to Canada…


-revised a story and lobbed it into the aether
-preparing for VD4, the fourth Villa Diodati workshop, organised in England by Steve Gaskell. Mostly working out my shopping list, since I volunteered to be a cook… (yep, stories to crit, I know. As soon as I’ve worked out who brings the fish sauce…)
-Matthieu and I have booked our hotel and bought our memberships for Worldcon. Which leaves the plane tickets, and other hotels for the non-con part of the trip.
After registering, I took a peek at the seemingly interminable list of current members–and suddenly remembered how bewilderingly huge Interaction had been in 2005. (no, I will not panic, but I did waffle about volunteering to be on the programme…)