Worldcon report: day 1


So, a little bit more in the way of actual con reporting…
(usual disclaimer applies: I have a bad memory, and it was a really busy con, so there’s probably going to be holes…)


The day started pretty early on Wednesday for me and Matthieu, since the plane was leaving at 11:00 (wakeup time: 6:00am). We’d packed ahead of time: the only pause in that came when we’d finished piling up Matthieu’s suit and my evening dress, and realised no space was left in the suitcase. Ie, no space for books..
Eek. A quick re-arrangement of containers followed, in order to make sure that we’d have at least some extra space available.

Flight was pretty uneventful. Matthieu watched Wolverine; I just played Chrono Trigger (I meant to watch Wolverine as well, but every time I turned to Matthieu’s screen, I saw either a fight or an explosion, which made me doubt the movie actually had a plot). We arrived in Canada on time, zipped past immigration, and checked into the hotel.

Whereupon they gave us all three keys to the room–a tad problematic, as fellow roommate T.L. Morganfield wasn’t due to arrive for another couple of hours: we’d have to make sure we were around when she did, or she’d just find herself locked out of the room…

Being adventurous, we still decided to go for a walk in Old Montreal, doing some sightseeing and questing for some food. Had my first bagel, an eye-opening experience (I’m now addicted to the things); also ran into my first couple of people I couldn’t understand despite my absolute certainty they spoke French. (the French-Canadian accent can be pretty terrible when you’re jet-lagged).

We made it back to the hotel and settled back to wait for T.L. Morganfield–when I spotted the inimitable Jetse de Vries through the glass separating us from the bar. We swung by to say hello, and ended up sitting in the bar with him and his friends (Lou Anders, Jonathan Strahan, Ellen Klages and Roni Graff) for a couple more hours…

T.L. Morganfield‘s plane was actually running late (and she’d been detained through customs for importing SF magazines, apparently a hanging offence in those parts of Canada). When she arrived, it was several hours later (and several beers later for pretty much everyone around the table, save me and Matthieu). We checked her in, and then went out to find some food.

Said food ended up being Indian, though it was very much milder than any Indian food I’ve ever eaten. It was also twice as much food as we really needed; pity we didn’t actually have a fridge, or we’d have been seriously tempted to take it back with us…

Walked back to the hotel, and jetlag hit rather nastily. We were in bed by nine, and slept until 7 or 8 the following morning.


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