On our way to Canada…


-revised a story and lobbed it into the aether
-preparing for VD4, the fourth Villa Diodati workshop, organised in England by Steve Gaskell. Mostly working out my shopping list, since I volunteered to be a cook… (yep, stories to crit, I know. As soon as I’ve worked out who brings the fish sauce…)
-Matthieu and I have booked our hotel and bought our memberships for Worldcon. Which leaves the plane tickets, and other hotels for the non-con part of the trip.
After registering, I took a peek at the seemingly interminable list of current members–and suddenly remembered how bewilderingly huge Interaction had been in 2005. (no, I will not panic, but I did waffle about volunteering to be on the programme…)


  1. Enjoy the con, Aliette. I’ll see you at VD4.

  2. Thanks! You most definitely will 🙂 Looking forward to it!

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