Worldcon report: day 6, wrap-up


Well, this one is going to be short, since it was only half a day of con. I started off by getting up for a 8:30 breakfast with Sheila Williams (unfortunately, this was the only time where our schedules were empty). Ouch. Rolling out of bed when the alarm clock sounded was extra-hard.

Breakfast was great, though. The Holiday Inn was on the border between the convention centre and Chinatown, which meant it looked like a big pagoda, and the breakfast room looked like a Chinese garden (a bit tacky, but awesome). Sheila Williams was very nice, and had tons of interesting anecdotes (and we even got to mentioning friend and frequent contributor to Asimov’s Sara Genge, which was a surreal moment).
I was again sorry to have to scarper off for a panel, although it seems to be a common theme of my worldcon. The panel was my last French one, and was supposed to be about outlets abroad for writers of French fiction (something for which I was singurlarly unqualified, since I’ve never written anything in French). We had barely more audience members than panelists (seemed to be the theme of the worldcon), and one of the panelists didn’t turn up, leaving translator Lionel Davoust to change gears and become part of the panel. The other two were the editor of Galaxies (whose name I unfortunately can’t remember) and Joël Champetier, editor of Solaris, a big French and French-Canadian magazine respectively. They had an interesting discussion on the logistics of publishing a magazine, finding authors, and finding translations; I wisely shut up, sat and listened.
And then, unfortunately, it was time to leave: we checked out of the hotel and moved to another smaller hotel a little further away (the Delta is nice, but not affordable outside of con rates), where we started doing all the tourist stuff 😉
Well, ok. I started by sleeping for 4 hours, but that’s the idea….
That’s all, folks.
(on a sidenote, please remind me not to start doing detailed, day-by-day con reports in the middle of a holiday where I have limited internet access…)


  1. The lead editor of Galaxies is Pierre Gévart, and I think I remember reading he went to Anticipation, so that must have been him.

    Thanks for your worldcon saga!

  2. That definitely sounds like the name–thanks!

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