In which I am translated, part the Nth


“Dom Jaguara pogrążony w cieniu” (“The Jaguar House, in Shadow” in Polish), courtesy of With nifty illustrations, and a complementary author interview! Courtesy of Bartek, Izabela ‘Isabell’ Mazur, Bartłomiej ‘baczko’ Łopatka, and Artur ‘mr_mond’ Nowrot
בונת הספינות (“The Shipmaker” in Hebrew) at Courtesy of Ehud Maimon, and Ibar Inbar Grinstein (not entirely sure I got the names right, as this is the one page I cannot make head or tail of all fixed now!)
“Constructorul de nave” (“The Shipmaker” in Romanian) at, courtesy of Cristian Tamas, and Antuza Genescu.
“Casa Jaguarului, în umbră” (“The Jaguar House, in Shadow” in Romanian) at Same culprits as above 🙂
D’Obsidienne et de Sang, of course, the French translation of Servant of the Underworld, courtesy of Eclipse. My awesome pretty pretty softcover edition 🙂
-and a forthcoming French translation of “Jaguar House” (“Quand l’ombre se répand sur la Maison Jaguar”) in Galaxies, courtesy of Pierre Gévart and Camille Thérion, which I’m currently rereading…

Still holding out for a Spanish translation, which would amuse me (because of the Mexico connection, and also because I speak the language…) But pretty darn happy with all of these.


  1. Welcome to Romania, dear lady! 🙂
    I am happy to see some of your works available in my country too, but I do hope that not only your short fiction will be available on the Romanian market, but your novels too.
    You are certainly a lady of languages 🙂 I also am in the process of improving my Spanish and hopefully see if I can catch up a bit on the Portuguese later this year or at the start of the next ;D

  2. You did my name right, you missed an “n” in Inbar’s name. I had the privilege of translating, and Inbar did a great job editing the translation. And thank you ounce again.

  3. Mihai: aw, thanks! Would love for my novels to become available in Romania, but so far no bites… My Portuguese really sucks, but my Spanish is reasonable… Sounds like you’re keeping busy on the language front yourself!
    Ehud: ha, I knew I was going to have problems with names (google translate started translating your name literally into something like “finance” or “financing”, so I figured it was going to be touch and go). Thanks for dropping by, and thanks again for the opportunity!

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