Looking back at 2020


Well, it was a year.

I didn’t expect 2020 to go the places it did (it’s fair to say that no one did).

In no particular order:

-a painful but necessary divorce

-a lot of changes as a result of above

-a pandemic and two lockdowns

-publication of two books (Of Dragons, Feasts and MurdersSeven of Infinities)

-sale of a book (Fireheart Tiger))

-writing of a bunch of things (mostly the queer pirate story, and two short stories)

-publishing of a bunch of things (“The Long Tail” in Wired, “The Inaccessibility of Heaven” in Uncanny, and “The Scholar of the Bamboo Flute” in Silk and Steel, and “The Last Hunt” in The Book of Dragons).

I’m glad to still be here, and I’m even gladder that 2020 is over. Bring on 2021.

*exhausted fireworks*



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