Behold, the weekend!


And it’s a very special weekend, which is tangentially related to our wedding–one of our friends gave us a shiny smartbox for a romantic getaway, which we booked for this weekend (the better to go around the countryside picking up lilies of the valley, the traditional gift to hand around on May Day). Destination, a very quiet place where we shall visit churches, walk in the surrounding countryside, and play boardgames (I favour Chang Cheng, a neat game of placement the H and I got for our engagement party but never really had time to try out. But we also have Atlas & Zeus, Dracula, and the perennial favourite, Settlers of Catan the Card Game).

Oh, and start planning out the novella, because I’ve finally worked out what the science fiction bit is (yes, I had a space station, but it’s always a good idea to have more worldbuilding elements to throw into the pot. Plus, it’s nice to have a space station, but I need to find out what it’s doing there and what its purpose is). Now all I need, in addition to sorting out my worldbuilding, is a decent plot (I already have a good 70% of the cast). Kind of puzzled by the novella form, I admit; I never wrote one before, so I’m unsure of how much complexity the story can bear. Guess we live and learn…


  1. Ooh, you mentioned this piece at Eastercon–great to hear that you’re on your way with it. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks, Tricia! Weekend was great, though the piece is still in its birthing pangs…

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