Morning Thought


I’m reading Thích Nhất Hạnh’s commentary of the Lotus Sutra, and was struck by the following sentence:

“Buddhism is a living reality, and living things are always growing. A tree continually grows more branches, leaves and flowers. In order for Buddhism to stay alive, we have to allow it to develop.”

It’s about Buddhism and its different branches, but I’d be tempted to replace it by any religion. It gives… interesting results if you substitute Catholic religion here–resistance to change is one of the main things which I’m not so fond of in the current Catholic church. I recognise it’s not easy to keep the core of a religion and to allow it to move forward at the same time; but still, that quote struck me as right. Something that is widely practised and believed with fervour has to change, or it will ossify.

A thought for me to munch on, as we enter Good Friday and the final part of the leadup to Easter.

In less philosophical considerations, I’m leaving tonight for Eastercon. Hope to see some of you there. And yes, I have cookies. Chocolate is involved, too–come to the signing on Saturday, or the reading on Sunday for tasty bits…


  1. Congratulations on the Hugo nomination!

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