Further cover admiration


Because, you know, I can’t get enough of it, and also because my French editor was kind enough to send me further pictures, which included the entire book jacket…

Wraparound to French edition

Click for further zoom (it’s a bit of a big image, sorry). As you can see, the awesome Priest of the Dead in the front has extra pyramids on the back. The leftmost item is a detachable bookmark, which is a feature of all their books: once you remove it, the inside flaps just have my bio and a longer summary than the bullet-point one at the back of the book. And you are the proud possessor of an Acatl bookmark, of course 🙂

I’m told there will be a feature on the publisher’s blog which details the process of making the cover–further info when I have it.

I feel spoiled.
(and yes, I promise I’ll stop drooling at some point, but it’s hard. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also my native language edition. Which my entire family can read, and which is going to be sold in bookshops near me. It’s a very weird thought)


  1. That’s gorgeous – I love a good wraparound cover! And Larry’s work for AR just gets better and better…

  2. Oh, wow! It’s glorious.

  3. That is really gorgeous. And I’m jealous–I want an Acatl bookmark!

  4. Aw, thanks, Kaitlyn!

  5. It’s made of awesome. Thanks, Tricia!

  6. Thanks, Anne! It was lovely to meet you this weekend, and I look forward to your books.

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