Your unofficial release party


It’s probably a testament to my general disorganisation that I’ve managed to confuse dates again: I was for some reason convinced that my Aztec noir novel, Servant of the Underworld, was scheduled for release Wednesday.

I just glanced at the date on my desk’s phone, and realised that, er, no, it was today. Cue panic and disorganisation.

I’m stuck at work, of course, with a zillion other things I should really be doing–but my first US book release is definitely worth a celebration. So feel free to party in my name, wherever you are. Virtual champagne and other delicacies appreciated from this side of the trenches 🙂

Extras, aka party over the blogosphere:

-Janice Hardy lends me some blog space to talk about outlines and novel planning.

-My French fantasy “Melanie”, originally published in Realms of Fantasy, is up on the World SF blog, as part of their new fiction feature. Look out for more great stories there!

-The book trailer, for those who want to get into the spirit of things:

-And, wow, amazon is already shipping it!!


  1. Marc Mulhuijzen (mulsoft)


    Congratulations ! I will check it out after I finished my 4 novels waiting on my Bebook 🙂

  2. Thanks, Marc!
    You probably know this already, but there’s an ebook version on, which is available without geographic restrictions and without DRM.

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