More Angel snark…


Up to midpoint of season 2. Still a bunch of consistency issues, the worse ones being the ones around breath–if your vampire has no need to breathe to exist, and no way to exercise their lungs, they shouldn’t be able to gasp out; or, when held dangling by way of another vampire’s hand wrapped around their neck, to look as though they’re being strangled. [1]
And Gunn… OK, I’m the first for ethnic and class diversity in series, and the show’s record so far was pretty abysmal (all White apart from the occasional skimpy-clad Chinese demonness who doubles as martial arts specialist *sigh*). But really, did the one Black person on the show need to come from the street, have dodgy connections, and spout off “brother” every two lines? Do the words “bad stereotypes ” even register here?

[1]Also, how are they talking without lungs again? Or, for that matter, bleeding without a beating heart?


  1. In answer to the inconsistencies with vampires: A demon did it. Whenever something doesn’t make sense in the series, that’s the answer.

    I mean, it’s pretty much the plot to every episode so it seems fair to assume 🙂

  2. 🙂 Yeah, that’s a good explanation, although strangely enough the scientist/writer in me finds it kind of lacking…

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