Busy, busy (a mainstay of my life so far 🙂 )
The big news of the day is that I have (finally) started on Harbinger of the Storm. A bit over 2,000 words so far (had to pause to do laundry, dishwashing and other fun things in the same register). Right at the part where the priests start insulting each other. Should be fun…
And only a bit to go before a fave character walks back in. Darn, I love sequels. It’s like putting comfy old clothes on.


  1. interesting. i love rocks, dont you? im juts looking for obsidians for my homework, and you sorta helped me with it. =D

  2. I was never very good at rocks, myself… (fascinating subject, but I could never tell them apart). But glad to have helped with the homework, even in a small way 😀

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