Sunday morning


aka very, very busy. Just realised that I’d failed to book tickets for the British Museum’s Aztec exhibition, and that they were disappearing relatively fast (basically, no weekend availability until mid-December). So booked myself and the BF for December 12th, early morning. First time the BF and I go to London, so I can show him all the nice places (giant Waterstone’s, anyone?). Still not sure on the travelling, so we’ll have to do that too.

Also just saw that Quai Branly, Paris’s ethnological museum, was holding a special on Teotihuacan. Is it Mexico year, or something? (not that I’m complaining, just figuring out when we visit with a huge slobbering grin on my face).

I am currently salivating over the catalogue of the British Museum exhibition and the various souvenirs (and the BF is already worrying about how he’ll have to drag me out of the place).

Meanwhile, I have printed out the synopsis for Harbinger of the Storm, and have been rereading Servant of the Underworld and made notes about how to proceed (mostly for character coherence). I’m also rereading stuff about Aztec power and the imperial court. Should be able to start the draft soon-ish…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to go and fight the laundry into submission (and the ironing, and the critting, and the cooking…)


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