Best American Fantasy Recommended Reading List


Got the news from Beth Wodzinski when I was in the Internet Black Hole that is Spain: my story “Within the City of the Swan”, first published in the Art Issue of Shimmer, is on the Recommended Reading List for the Best American Fantasy, vol 3.

It’s not a lengthy list, either. And it includes one other story from Shimmer, MK Hobson’s “The Hand of the Devil on a String” in issue 9, in addition to Kuzhali Manickavel’s “Flying and Falling”, also from the Art Issue, which is in the actual TOC of the book.

Wow. Go Shimmer!

To celebrate, Shimmer is having a promotion of $3 off the cover price of both issues: you can have a PDF copy of the Art Issue or of Issue 9 for only $1!


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