Sunday update


So, came back from the grandparents’, surviving sunstroke in the process. (memo, get a hat next time, and stop forgetting that I’m now much less tolerant to sunlight than I used to be a few years ago). Still, it was a good weekend.

Fixed my random quotes plugin (which had replaced one keyword with another–I was rather relieved it turned out to be so simple, as I was already gearing myself to deactivate my plugins one by one to work out which one had the compatibility issue).

Downloaded myself a Chinese-English dictionary for the ipod, Dian Hua (thanks to wistling‘s recommendation). It’s got a bunch of great expressions (my favourite so far is “arm-flinging shopkeeper”, “someone who asks others to work but does nothing himself”. If you factor in the long sleeves the Chinese used to favour, this has a very visual flavour).

Sigh. I would so love to learn Chinese, but have so not the time to actually make a stab at it. In another lifetime maybe…


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