Midweek Update


Last few days to vote for the Hugos: deadline is July 3rd, 23:59 Eastern Daylight Time. (and, should you be still undecided as to which Campbell Award candidate you’re voting for, there’s still time to read the material in my short fiction sampler ).

I’m also told that the anthology Fantastical Visions IV, which contains my sort-of-Greek novelette “Healing Hands” and fellow Codexian David Walton’s “Dragonfly Savior”, is available for pre-order. Everything’s gorgeously illustrated by Stephanie Pui-Muin Law.

In other non-shameless self-promotional news, it’s summer in Paris and the weather is awesomely nice. I’m planning the rest of my holidays in addition to Wolrdcon (Brittany, here I come), and wondering where the blazes I put my cotton skirts, sandals and other suitable attire.

800 new words on my current WIP–leaving me stuck at the big scene with the blood 🙂



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