Just to tide you over…


Quickie post, because the weekend is going to be crazy busy (going to the grandparents’, which is going to involve crawling through summer holiday traffic for about 350 km, so not looking forward to this).

The Year’s Best Science Fiction appears to be out: I already knew it contained my alt-history novelette “Butterfly Falling at Dawn”; what I didn’t know was that I also received two Honorable Mentions, one for “The Dragon’s Tears” in Electric Velocipede, and one for “Horus Ascending” in Intergalactic Medicine Show. Wow. (thanks to snickelish for letting me know, and I’ll settle back to the impatient wait for my contrib copy)

Only a handful of days left to vote for the Hugos (and the Campbell *g*): voting ends 3rd of July, 23:59 EST.
I hadn’t thought the deadline would be so early, to be honest, and I’m still two novel nominees short of a full house. Darn. Oh well, I’ll make do with what I’ve read.

Still hammering at my short story. I’ve now replaced the human sacrifice with syringes (I’m holding it as a possible incident later on).

(Oh, and my plugin for random quotes on the homepage appears to be broken, probably not agreeing either with the new wordpress or with some other plugin. Sigh.)

EDIT: via Doug Cohen, the artist who’s going to be illustrating “Desaparecidos” for Realms of Fantasy: Rob Alexander. Looks like really gorgeous stuff, can’t wait to see the final product.


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