An achievement, of sorts


So, the dayjob is sinking its claws deep into me, making it a teeny bit hard to focus on writing currently (to be fair, I’m also getting through every single Stephen Erikson book, and having teensy troubles putting them down…).

The leak in the kitchen has reached over the sink. If nothing else, it’s interesting to see that four successive touches of pain were applied to the ceiling. Sigh. I really hope we get to the bottom of this before the last of the paint peels off, and something else (and presumably worse) starts happening…

4 episodes into season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. Gotta love the fact that the number of survivors seems to be steadily diminishing, episode after episode. Somewhat to my surprise, Gaius Baltar has grown slightly more bearable, if not actually likeable. And there’s still a few things that bug me, but I love it that they’re not afraid to tackle some dark places, and also to drop in religious issues (yeah, the religion is utterly bogus, and its mythos makes me want to gnash teeth, but I like seeing issues like those in my SF, and I don’t see them often).

(no spoilers please, this is my first viewing)

-I don’t blog much about rejections, but I can’t resist this one: I got my first alas-o-gram from Gordon Van Gelder at F&SF. I’m told it’s some kind of rite of passage 🙂
Tangent Online has relaunched (thanks to Eric James Stone‘s proficiency with software, apparently), and it has a nice review of Black Static 9 and my story “The Lonely Heart”:

The story unwinds slowly, building character and mood, and utilizes the backdrop of a changing China as a smart counterpoint to the traditional spook story at its core, where lust and necessity clash over the heart of one man.

-800 words on a new story. Had a perfect, moody beginning that was unfortunately two days too early. Would have been good for a novel, I think, but it feels too leisurely for a short story. So I replaced it with a bloody scene of human sacrifice, which always raises tension a notch 🙂


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