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Xuya page (and questions thread)


Have had a couple questions about my alt-history universe Xuya (where the Chinese, the US and the Aztecs share North America), I decided to take the plunge, and transcribe my notes into a more legible form. I figured that with three stories out (two in Interzone and one in this month’s Asimov’s, the universe had cemented well enough that people might want extra explanations.

So behold the brand new spiffy Xuya page: all you’ve ever wanted to know about Xuya (well, not quite yet, but it does have a few pointers about the chronology, where the stories fit in there, and a few items of general interest).

BTW, since I’ve locked the comments on the page, this post here is as close as it’s getting to the official question thread–in the (unlikely[1]) event that you have any interrogations about Xuya-related stuff, ask in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer.

[1] I’m a natural pessimist, and those are only short stories after all, with a small audience…

My first translation!


I’ve just been given official permission to post about this: my story “The Lost Xuyan Bride”, originally published in Interzone, will form part of the upcoming release of Polish online library Skryptorium at the Katedra site, edited by Jan Zeranski.

The site itself is not live yet, but we’ve been given permission to spread the word 🙂

You can see a preview of the working design here. The Skryptorium project aims to showcase SF/Fantasy short fiction in translation for the benefit of Polish readers.

Here are the current stories:

Aliette de Bodard – “The Lost Xuyan Bride”
Cory Doctorow – “I, Robot”
Jeffrey Ford – “Exo-Skeleton Town”
Daryl Gregory – “In the Wheels”
Ted Kosmatka – “Divining Light”
Jay Lake – “Tom Edison and his telegraphic harpoon”
Nedimma Nkemdili Okorafor-Mbachu – “Amphibious Green”
Jeff VanderMeer – “A Heart for Lucretia”
Zoran Zivkovic – “First photograph”

This is my first ever translation–thanks to Jan for the offer, and to everyone involved in the Skryptorium project.

And, er, wow. That’s some TOC.