Court of Birth, Court of Strength

In the ruins of a Gothic Paris, a city devastated in the wake of a magical war, a young and sheltered Fallen angel goes to an older one for help in finding a missing child…

Part of the Dominion of the Fallen series but can be read as a standalone (for those who have read the series, this is the Samariel/Asmodeus courtship story, and yes, things go about as well as you expect when one goes to ask Asmodeus for help!).

The Dominion of the Fallen Reading Order (Novels Only)

Book 1. The House of Shattered Wings | Book 2. The House of Binding Thorns | Book 3. The House of Sundering Flames |
Book 3.5. Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders | Book 3.6. Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances

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