Against the Encroaching Darkness

I ran inside insideI ran inside x3

A Dominion of the Fallen short story set in the universe of The House of Shattered Wings. Focuses on the House of Lazarus during the Great Houses War.


Eugénie lay in state in the small, pathetic chapel that they’d never had time to finish, her eyes towards the blank, unpainted ceiling. From time to time, the distant echo of a magical conflagration shook the room, and dust fell on her chest, covering her clothes in a fine, white layer that slowly and irretrievably obscured the insignia of House Lazarus.

Victoire would not cry. She’d done so earlier in the privacy of her room, but now it wasn’t about love or grief; merely what would carry them forward, what would ensure the newly founded House would survive the death of her founder. Most Houses, she knew, didn’t. And Lazarus, that bastard child of Eugénie’s ideals—her place of refuge, her small band of dependents patiently gathered through the years—was no exception.

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