Sunday update


So, I can’t believe I’ve spent an entire afternoon on this, but I’ve put up an index to the recipes I posted on the blog, and done my best to clean up their tags (and sort them out by ingredient and by place in the meal such as main course, side dish, dessert…). I looked for a plugin that would autoformat recipes in a consistent fashion, but all I found was either buggy (one plugin I tried didn’t even bother to close the italics tags, which meant anything you put after the recipe proper showed up like this…), or imperatively had to be edited in the visual editor (which I’ve deactivated because I put PHP in my pages).

You can find the index here: it’s still very much under construction, but I realised to my shock that I’d published 29 recipes on this blog, and that they were, erm, as well organised as my desk (which bears witness to the slow increase of entropy as time goes by).

Any brilliant ideas for publishing and/or organising recipes on WordPress very much welcome at this stage, since I really feel I’ve done nothing but a short-term hack to fix the problem…

In the process, I reorganised my website a bit, and moved a few pages around (hopefully nothing traumatic), as well as set up missing pages (*cough* Obsidian and Blood omnibus *cough*).

And the weekend was meant to be spent looking at my US taxes, but this has come to a halt because the H is acting as some kind of virus incubator, and is therefore not entirely up and about… At least I have brainstormed more Jade in Chains, and am currently reading through Kate Griffin’s A Madness of Angels (after finishing Ben Aaronovitch’s Moon Over Soho). Interesting contrast between the two so far.


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