Brief Monday update


Tired (everything was going fine until they stopped all traffic on the subway line I use to get home. There was a good reason–suicidee on the tracks–but still… kind of not fun when you’re the traveller stuck in an overcrowded train car).

For my next project, I am tackling the novella that wouldn’t die, using the supreme weapon of mindmaps–well, actually, I only learnt they were mindmaps after I started using them. I have downloaded Freemind on the computer (neat cross-platform tool), but for some reasons mindmaps work better for me on paper–one of the rare things that still does. So I take a huge A4, and draw little circles and little arrows, et voilà! Suddenly all my problems vanish. Ha, I wish. But what usually happens is that I get past whatever had me stumped (in this particular, a troublesome reveal halfway through the novella). Now I feel much better armed for tackling the rewrite. Mostly just pondering if I should edit, or just not bother with it and write clean scenes.

I owe a bunch of you on OWW reviews; those are coming, but probably tomorrow. Tonight I’m being first-drafty, and then domestic, alas (some jackets to clean, etc. etc.)

In other news, I have finally received season 6 of Doctor Who, yay!


  1. Me dis pas que c’est moi qui t’ai donné l’idée d’utiliser ces fameuses cartes heuristiques 😛

  2. 🙂
    J’en faisais déjà avant, t’en fais pas (pas des aussi grandes…). J’ai récemment retrouvé la mindmap du livre 2 de la trilogie, d’ailleurs, que j’avais crayonné pendant une partie de Neph où le groupe se faisait poutrer sans moi…

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