Hivemind question RE Japanese tea


So… I’ve fallen in love with a particular tea (it was a gift). Insofar as I can tell (remember I can’t read Japanese, and it’s a direct import), the brand is Harada, and it’s their Yabukita blend of green tea–you can see the box here. It’s got a light, refreshing taste, and it quenches thirst quite effectively. So far, so good. Trouble is… I haven’t been able to find this particular tea here.
I’m therefore hunting for a substitute.

Am I right in thinking a good grade of Sencha tea from Japan would taste about the same, or am I completely off-base? I haven’t been very impressed with the one variety of Sencha that I bought, but it was definitely the cheap kind (google tells me that Yabukita is a particular category of sencha, but I haven’t been able to find Yabukita either).


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