Brief update


A little tired. Probably writing two stories in a week, and revising a third, didn’t help. (the revision not being done yet, but I’m working on it). Also had to update my PR file as part of a submission package (the PR file is where I put the nice things people have said about me. Haven’t touched it in a year).

Reading-wise, almost finished with the Drenai books (just got the last Skilgannon/Druss book left). Then onto the rest of Gemmell. Took a brief break from Gemmell to read Anthony Horowitz’s House of Silk, the new Sherlock Holmes novel. Enjoyable, if not ground-breaking. The voice of Watson is bang to rights, but of the two linked intrigues one is too easy to guess (the one with the street urchins–sorry, I have a nasty mind), and the other one ends up coming out of left field, and feeling a bit forced as a result (a side effect, I suspect, of too many reveals piled up). And I really wish people would stop thinking a Sherlock Holmes novel needs to have Moriarty, Mycroft, and Lestrade in it to be successful. I’m personally holding out for more Mrs. Hudson, because what the world needs is more women around Sherlock Holmes…

Tomorrow, big cooking experiment: my first recipe transcribed from Vietnamese (from here, more specifically)! Will report when I’m done 🙂


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