Obsidian and Blood news, plus bonus content!


First off–hats off to Nathan McKnight, who has produced an Obsidian and Blood glossary for the Kindle, which you can use to call up characters’ names and special meanings. If you’ve always wanted to dip into the books but found the names too troublesome, the glossary is your friend! Download it here.

Oh, and, now that AR has officially announced it: there will be an Obsidian and Blood omnibus! Called Obsidian and Blood, it will gather all three books in one handy paperback (or ebook), and will be released in July 2012. More details here (not much for the moment other than ISBNs, but there should be some cover art at some point).

Costs £13 or $16, depending on whether you’re in the US or UK, and £8 as an ebook, about or less than the price of two volumes–so, if you’ve got fewer than 2 Obsidian and Blood books and want a complete set in a nice package, you know where to head…

Meanwhile, if anyone’s read Master of the House of Darts and wants to post a few reviews on amazon, I’d be very grateful, ’cause I can’t say the book’s getting a lot of attention at the moment…


  1. It’s on my list Aliette. I even got an eARC from Angry Robot, but have to find vol. 2 first. I’ll post penetrating and insightful reviews as soon as I can! (I suppose you’re sympathetic to writing in the cracks left by a day job.)

  2. Brittain

    😀 Thank you so much!
    (and sure, I know all too well the meaning of “overwhelmed” those days…)

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