Magick 4 Terri


For most of my adolescence, Terri Windling’s and Ellen Datlow’s Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror defined short fiction; and I waited every year to borrow the new volume from the library. I remember the sense of real magic from its pages, and the joy of getting lost among Terri’s selections of authors (Ellen’s side was more horror, and I don’t react as well to that as I o to fantasy). But you don’t need me to tell you that–you probably have your own reminisciences of how important Terri Windling is and has been to the field. Well, now she’s in deep legal and financial trouble, and there is an awesome fundraiser with cool places to help her out.

See here for a list of what’s on offer.


  1. I just saw that this year’s was out! I work at the library, and somebody else had it on reserve, so it passed through my hands. Guess what I added to my list today? 😉

  2. It is? Missed it (haven’t read one in ages, mainly since Ellen took over and it veered towards horror).

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