Weekend work


So, not much was accomplished, other than:
-the novella now has a (semi-definite) title: “Three Visits to a Space Station (to the Tune of ‘Shattered Dreams’)”. Yes, I spliced up Dream of Red Mansions semi-intelligently…
-started work on an SF short set in the Mekong delta in the near future. Currently stopped dead because I realised I needed more info about how rice cultivation actually works (my only knowledge of how to plant rice comes from fairy tales…)
-I’m nano-ing this year–well, sort of. In order to keep up a daily wordcount, I’ve joined up with a fictional novel as Aliette de Bodard. I have to write a couple blog posts, two short stories, and to start up work on a third. I reckon I can bang up words on that as a part of a single project, called “Aliette is writing…”
-also (can’t remember if I’ve posted this, but I don’t think I have), for any Francophones reading this, I will be a guest at Les Rencontres de l’Imaginaire de Sèvres on Dec 10th. I’ve never actually been, so I’m not sure what’s involved, but I think I’ll be basically hanging around signing books and gossiping. The lineup includes around 50 authors from Pierre Bordage to Mélanie Fazi, and various associations; and the theme this year is “uchronie” (aka alternate history).


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