Morning linkage


(with a few that are a bit old, but I’d missed them before…)

Keyan Bowes on “Why I write American”, chiming in on the differences between Asian (where she used to live) and American fiction as she perceives them
-Amal El-Mohtar on “Towards a Steampunk Without Steam”, a great discussion on why imposing Victorian values on steampunk is a bad idea (and yes, it’s an old post)
-Gabrielle Gantz interviews me for The Faster Times
-Lawrence M Schoen interviews me for his feature Eating Authors
-Val’s Random Comments weighs in on Master of the House of Darts (aka, thank God, the book is working)
-Jaoob at Drying Ink reviews Master of the House of Darts

In other news, huge congrats to the Angry Robot overlords Marc Gascoigne and Lee Harris for winning the World Fantasy Award last night! (even though a bit sad there wasn’t a Bragelonne win, as this would have been the very first win of a non-Anglophone) The complete list of winners is here.

And Happy Halloween everyone–we don’t celebrate here, so I’m going to stick to some phở…


  1. Thanks, Aliette. We are “tired and emotional” about it all today (ie, the champagne mid-morning has kept us glowing all day). – M

  2. That steampunk article is fantastic, thank you for linking to it!

  3. Jennifer, you’re welcome! It was a fantastic read.

  4. It was a great read, and makes me wonder how “steampunk” my steampunk is. And then I decided not to worry about it for now, really! I write it more for fun than for an audience, nobody’s knocking on my door about it just yet.

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