My awesome French cover


I think I’m in love…

D'Obsidienne et de Sang

(more info here, including the French jacket copy. The artist is Larry Rostant, who did a number of other awesome things, and will also be doing the covers for the rest of the trilogy)


  1. That’s fantastic! Looks as if you truly inspired the artist.


  2. Hi Aliette 🙂
    *long low whistle of admiration*
    That is a beautiful cover!

  3. Awesome cover. I do like the cover of the English edition, but this one looks great as well. But after all I love how the French publishers treat their covers. Many wonderful pieces. I am happy to see that “Servant of the Underworld” lines up in that trend too. I am looking forward to see the next ones 🙂

  4. Gray: I almost feel ashamed of the book inside 🙂 thanks!
    RK: it is, it is! Thanks!
    Mihai: thanks! I like the English edition–it’s simple, sober, and gets the point across without undue fuss (and I am so not a fan of fuss). It’s also got a lot of crossover appeal, which I don’t think this one has (it marks the book as purely fantasy). The next ones should be interesting 🙂

    (and thanks for the feature on your blog, BTW. Very very much appreciated on this end).

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