“Exodus Tides” up at IGMS


Issue 22 of IGMS is now up, with my French post-apocalyptic merman tale “Exodus Tides”. It’s got a gorgeous illustration by the awesome Anna Repp (who already illustrated “Dragon Feasts”, and very kindly asked me for some input on the project before starting on it).
Unfortunately, the IGMS version by the story is in black and white, which I think lessens the impact. Here it is in full colour glory (you can also get it by clicking on the illustration by the story).

Exodus Tides Illustration

(if you’re wondering, the coastline really is that of Brittany, where I spent quite a good bit of my holidays when I was a child)

You can read the story here, and the whole issue here.

The TOC includes Marie Brennan, Tony Pi, Brad R. Torgersen and by George Norman Lippert.

As usual, there’ll be an essay on “The Story Behind the Story” up at the IGMS blog–keep an eye out for it. Oh, and if you feel like leaving comments, there should be a thread up in the IGMS forum soon, too. Or, you know, there’s always this post…


  1. I’m so glad you like the illustration! I agree that the B&W lessens the impact, but this is how they publish all their illustrations… Thank you for your input on the settings – I hope I got the look and feel of Brittany right (you know, I’ve never been there :)))

    Also, when I was finished with the illustration, I realized that compositionally it is very similar to the “Dragon Feasts” – but it was not intentional! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Anna! I realised after posting that they did post the colour version further down in the full version of the story, but they cropped it, and it’s still not as striking…

    I’m probably responsible for the composition–it’s the whole “longing” factor in my stories 🙂

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