Weekend update


Still chugging away at my edits…

Today’s dish was thịt kho, pork simmered in caramel. Definitely worth the caramel-making, and super easy to cook. It would, of course, have been even nicer if I hadn’t sliced into my finger while chopping garlic, but he, you can’t have everything in life…

Also, beginnings of April means I get to order books on amazon (or, as it happens, on the Book Depository). Got myself The Threefold Lotus Sutra plus a commentary.

Oh, and I saw a 3DS with a demo of Pilotwings. Impressive, though I’m not really sure I’d enjoy having the depth of field all the time (the geek within me, though, is busy wondering how it all works. It’s a curse, I tell ya…)

More coherent thoughts soon, I promise. Meanwhile, I shall go back to planning deaths and general mayhem.


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