The Shipmaker online


Wow, that was fast. Courtesy of Andy Cox and the Interzone editorial team, you can now find “The Shipmaker” online, over at the TTA press website. Do feel free to come back here and comment on it after you’ve read it–any and all feedback appreciated.

(while you’re at it, you can read another shortlisted story, Nina Allan’s “Flying in the Face of God”, which is definitely worth spending some time with)

I swear there will be actual content on this blog soon, and not shameless self-promotion–but for that, my %%% fever is going to have to come down (`tis the season to be sick, apparently. 39°C and counting…)


  1. Interesting–I thought the two stories were very similar in theme and tone, and both are worthy nominees for the award. Of course, I liked yours better. 🙂 There’s a richness to the worldbuilding and technology-as-art in your Xuyan stories that I really enjoy.

    Good luck, Aliette!

  2. 🙂
    I’m probably not well-placed to comment, being an interested party, but I didn’t think they were that similar (then again, I’m more inclined to see the differences than the similarities).
    Technology-as-art? That’s a cool buzz phase. Must make sure to reuse 🙂
    Good luck, Aliette!
    Thanks–and thanks for reading!

  3. Good luck (and hope you’re feeling better soon).

  4. Thanks, Gary! Apparently, it’s that new strain of flu that’s been going around (and which I shared with the H, who is now out for the count). I’m on a pretty solid med cocktail, so feeling somewhat better, if tired and achy.

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