Awards season


Since it seems to be the custom this time of the year… may I point out that:

-my novelette “The Jaguar House in Shadow” (Asimov’s, July 2010 issue) is currently eligible for the Hugos, Nebulas and BSFA. It’s in the SFWA forums for those who want to download it, and also online on my website.

-my short story “The Shipmaker” (Interzone, Nov/Dec 2010 issue) is eligible for the Hugos Awards, and for the BSFA awards (and has received at least one nomination already). Likewise, quite happy to email it to voters.

-for those with more time on their hands, my novel Servant of the Underworld is eligible for the Hugos, Nebulas and BSFA awards (and the email offer still stands). It’s also in the SFWA forums.

-if you hate my guts and/or didn’t feel my stories were great (fair enough), don’t forget to still read and vote. As I understand it, a lot of awards suffer from too few potential voters actually casting their votes, leading to the loudest people winning (Cheryl Morgan had a fascinating article about how a lot of people, especially women, abstained by saying they hadn’t read enough in the voting year; and how they were then drowned out by people who hadn’t read enough either but who voted anyway). So–go forth and nominate!

EDIT: just realised “The Shipmaker” is also eligible for a Hugo, if you feel so inclined.


  1. Perhaps displaying my ignorance, but why wouldn’t “The Shipmaker” be eligible for a Nebula?

  2. The Nebulas are only for fiction published in the US (or online). “The Shipmaker” was published in Interzone in the UK, and the online edition hasn’t come out yet–so it’ll be eligible for a Nebula in 2011, when The Year’s Best comes out in the States.
    The Hugos, on the other hand, just require their fiction to be published in English anywhere in the world.
    (and yes, working out eligibility is a headache).

  3. Thanks for the answer; yes, between Hugos, Nebulas, BSFAs, the Campbell, etc. eligibility is… interesting.

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