2010 year in review


So… in 2010, I published 9 short stories, 6 novelettes (one in collaboration with the inestimable Gareth L. Powell), and 1 novel.

I don’t keep as much track of my writing as I used to, which is really bad, but I wrote the following:
Shipbirth (novelette)
Age of Miracles, Age of Wonders (short story)
Exodus Tides (short story)
The Shipmaker (short story)
Harbinger of the Storm (novel)
-Various non-fiction pieces, including “Science Fiction in Non-Western/Non-Anglophone Countries”, and three pieces for SFnovelists.
Starsong (short story, currently in redraft)
-Nameless book 3 of Obsidian and Blood (56,000 words out of a projected 110,000)

A great year for sales and publications, but not so much for writing (see below for explanations of why). Hope to do better next year.

In non-drafting news, I got married (part of the reason for the non-productivity, since this was fun but a timesink for both my family and me); attended Eastercon and two Villa Diodati workshops (both in Germany), was translated into French and Romanian; and picked up for Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF.


  1. Congratulations,Aliette! Another stellar year. Best wishes for topping it in 2011!

  2. Thanks, Doug! Topping it is going to be hard, though.

    And best wishes for you in 2011!

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