The snowpocalypse…


…has struck again. I walked out of my house this morning to find a thick layer of snow on the ground; and immediately went back upstairs, to get my moon boots, a thicker pair of socks, and a backpack in which I stuffed my normal shoes (moon boots are well and good, but they don’t exactly make for a fashion statement).
You might wonder why. Well, see, the trains were running fine. The buses were not. I could get to my train station fine; however, that still left about 4km to walk. Uphill, in a snowstorm.

I made it, but it was a good 50 minutes, and I had definite similitudes to a snow(wo)man by the time I arrived–my backpack and I were covered in a thick layer of snow, and my gloves were starting to be on the wet side.

Fortunately, in the evening some of the buses were running, which allowed me to walk only 15 minutes before I caught one that was going to the train station.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow isn’t the same…

In the meantime, some links:
Joe Sherry reviews Servant of the Underworld; Becky LeJeune does the same.
-Various people on the interwebs have also reported they’ve received ARCs of Harbinger of the Storm.
-The official TOC for the Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Eighth Annual Collection. Among the awesome choices, there’s a few stories that have definitely stuck with me this year: Yoon Ha Lee’s “Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain” (Clarkesworld), Nina Allan’s “Flying in the Face of God” (Interzone), and Peter Watts’ “The Things” (Clarkesworld).
-And, in case you happen to speak Romanian, the translation of my essay “On Good Stories” has been posted on the Romanian SF & F society’s website (thanks to Cristian Tamas, as usual, and to translator Adina Barvinschi).


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