The Shipmaker picked up by Dozois’ Year’s Best SF


Wasn’t sure how public this was, but apparently people have already been announcing their own acceptances over the Internet. So…

Gardner Dozois has picked up my Xuya story “The Shipmaker” (which is in the current issue of Interzone) for his Year’s Best.

Er, wow? Particularly pleased, as this was the first story where I attempted to put Vietnamese on the map of my alternate universe–there aren’t that many Vietnamese main characters in spec-fic[1], and it’s high time I did my bit to remedy this.

If you need me, I’ll be in the corner, jumping and squeeing…

ETA: and it looks I get to share a TOC with Yoon Ha Lee’s “Flower, Mercy, Needle Chain”, which is one of the absolute best SF stories I read this year. W00t.

[1]There’s plenty of Vietnam War stories, which tend to be told from the American point of view–so not really fitting the billl. Plus, while the war was definitely traumatic for the country, it’s not the only thing that defines Vietnamese culture…


  1. Congratulations, Aliette – and well deserved too, if I may say so!

  2. Aw, thanks, Jim! I’m told the complete TOC’s been posted somewhere, but I haven’t seen it yet.

  3. Not surprised, not at all. Congratulations!

    Finally got my copy of Servant of the Underworld, will be reading & blogging soon.

  4. Fred: well, I was surprised 😉
    And hope you enjoy SoU!

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