And the winner is…


As determined by my trusty throw of the die, the winner of the Eight Against Reality anthology up for grabs is…


Congratulations! Contact me via LJ or mail to give me your mailing address and whether you wish the antho signed.

Thanks very much to everyone else for entering–I had no idea Written in Blood was so popular 🙂 There will be another contest coming soon (July if I get around to it, or September, ’cause the wedding is a bit in the way of organising stuff like this), to win a copy of Servant of the Underworld and a cool Aztec coaster.


  1. Congrats to kara_gnome!

    And while I don’t know the entire group, I found you through Between Ceaseless Skies some, but mostly through Juliette Wade. I LOVE her blog as she addresses my favorite topics that so few really write anything new about on a regular basis. To get one of her and your stories both is just about worth the price of the whole collection. :sighs: :back to counting the penny hoard: I think I’ll be able to put up the bucks in a couple of paychecks.

  2. Oh yeah, Juliette is awesome. Her blog posts are always tremendously interesting and entertaining to read.

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