Another LJ hivemind question


Given a choice between:

-a novel where there is one point-of-view character per scene, and where the scenes more or less follow chronological order, but can be quite short (one scene=2,000 words approximately)

-a novel where each chapter is set in the point-of-view of a single character (one chapter=4,000 to 5,000 words approximately), but where the timeline ends up more warped than in the previous option

which one would you prefer, and why?

(I ask because I’ve seen both and enjoyed both, and I’m not quite clear on where I want to take Foreign Ghosts yet…)

EDIT: as zweipunktnull, I’ve been a little unclear. You only have 3 point-of-view characters in the entire novel. They alternate, in more or less equal shifts.


  1. I am very fond of chronological timelines and it bugs me when things ‘jump about’ so I would vote for the first option.

    But that might just be me.


  2. Well, linear seems to be the consensus, especially for a thriller where readers don’t really like the mucking around.
    (I don’t mind a little jumping around, but I have to admit it gets disorienting faster than jumping around POVs).
    Thanks for chiming in!

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