Leavin’ on a jet plane…


So, we’re back. Arg. Zombie-jetlagged (the plane landed in Paris at 3:00 am Canada time), and frustrated (we waited one hour for our luggage), but home.

At least, temporarily. We’re leaving again tomorrow for the last leg of the summer holidays (after the Worldcon and the week in Montreal). Destination: Spain, in the Sierra Nevada. Program: pool lounging and book catching-up. Also, writing catching-up.

I’ll have Internet access, but it’s likely to be intermittent, so if you haven’t heard from me in a while, that’s why. (I’ll continue to post con reports, probably more once every two days or something like that).

Speaking of which, books bought in Montreal:

  • The Well of Ascension and The Hero of Ages, Brandon Sanderson
    • Bought both at con, finished on the plane home. It’s very much traditional fantasy, despite what the hype says on the cover, but it’s nicely done. Reminded me of my nights reading books with a light under the cover
  • An Autumn War, Daniel Abraham
    • Very much looking forward to this one. I loved both previous books in the series (A Shadow in Summer and A Betrayal in Winter), and this looks really good.
  • Blood of Elves, Andrzej Sapkowski
    • Aka winner of the David Gemmell Award. A Polish book and one of the rare ones published in English translation. I’m usually not a fan of that type of fantasy, but I have to admit I’m curious. (I was also looking for the Night Watch tetralogy, but couldn’t remember Sergei Lukyanenko’s name while actually in the bookstore, and I was already carrying a hefty pile of books…)
  • Mark of the Demon, Diana Rowland
    • Again, I’m usually not a fan of urban fantasy. However, fellow Codexian Diana was a cop and worked in a morgue, so I figured this would be grittier than the average. Also, I was intrigued by the first chapter posted online.


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