Lazy lazy Saturday (except for the ironing, the dishwashing and the cleaning, ouch).

I managed to find a copy of the Year’s Best Science Fiction in one of Paris’s English bookshops; and boy, did it feel weird seeing my name in the table of contents. It’s now on my desk, to remind me I need to write more ambitious short stories (not that “Butterfly, Falling at Dawn” really falls into the ambitious category, but several of the stories in there do).

Flipping through the HMs, I noted several names I noticed: in particular, the Villa Diodati crew is taking over the world: Sara Genge has two (“The Gong” in Weird Tales, “Prayers for an Egg” in Asimov’s), Steve Gaskell one (“Micro Expressions” in Cosmos Online), Jeff Spock one (“Everything that Matters” in Interzone), Benjamin Rosembaum one (“True Names” in Fast Forward 2, cowritten with Cory Doctorow), and Benevolent Dictator Ruth Nestvold a whooping four (“Troy and the Aliens” in Abyss and Apex, “An Act of Conviction” in Helix, “Mars: A Traveller’s Guide” in F&SF, and “The Rivers of Eden” in Futurismic, co-written with Jay Lake).
Lots of other familiar names as well: TL. Morganfield (“Night Bird Soaring”, the same one that’s nominated for the Sidewise Awards), Ken Scholes, Mary Robinette Kowal, Vaughan Stanger, Tony Pi, Gord Sellar…


As usual, trying to do four or five things at the same time: specifically, edit a new Xuya short “The Jaguar House, in Shadow”, plan a new one (aka Aztecs in space), fill in a form, and return crits. Everything’s going well for the moment, though it’s only a matter of time until some balls drop…


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