Stuff I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Stephen Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen (at book 6 now, trying to justify the expense of buying book 8 )
  • Girl Genius (a fun Hugo-nominated comic, featuring Mad Scientists, a kick-ass heroine, and armies of evil robots)
  • Pride and Publishing: why editors are like suitors
  • Slowly but steadily getting back into the short story swing: rewriting a collab story with weird aliens
  • Ordering the (almost) complete Battlestar Galactica (missing the last season, but it was such a bargain we can buy the last season later)

Stuff I have not so much enjoyed recently:

  • The leak in the kitchen ceiling, which has resulted in the pain peeling away, plus various water-related damage (and the bit where it doesn’t stop isn’t cool)
  • General fatigue, spurred on by the workload
  • Matlab, mex files and the %%% syntax rules for those, which don’t allow anything beyond ANSI C. Code compiles fine in Eclipse, but not in mex, which is ironic when they use the same compiler… (obligatory geek bit # 1)
  • Fighting with php to put my latest blog post on my homepage. Ended up retrieving my own rss feed (obligatory geek bit #2)


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