I can haz PW mention?


Publishers’ Weekly has a review of the Year’s Best SF:

The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection Edited by Gardner Dozois. St. Martin’s Griffin, $21.95 (704p) ISBN 978-0-312-55105-6

Veteran editor Dozois, 15-time Hugo winner, offers 30 stories, several of them Hugo-nominated. The table of contents is dominated by familiar names like Michael Swanwick and Greg Egan, but occasionally leavened with relative newcomers like Hannu Rajaniemi and more obscure authors like James Alan Gardner. Settings range from the present-day (Nancy Kress’s “The Erdmann Nexus”) to the distant future (Ian McDonald’s “The Tear”) and alternate history (Aliete de Bodard’s “Butterfly, Falling at Dawn”). Similarly the moods range from relatively upbeat (Dominic Green’s “Shining Armour”) to pessimistic (Swanwick’s “From Babel’s Fallen Glory We Fled”). In some entries the SF elements appear to be almost an afterthought, but most earn their inclusion. Dozois also provides short biographies, a detailed overview of the year in SF and a lengthy list of honorable mentions. This is a worthy addition to a venerable series. (July)

Ha, neat.

(yeah, I know, “Aliete” is mispelled. I’ve checked with Gardner Dozois, and everything should be fine in the final version of the book. Plus, I suspect I’m the only “de Bodard” writing spec-fic anyway *g*)

Amazon lists the book as coming out on June 23rd. *excited*


  1. Hey, at least you aren’t called “obscure”.

  2. Yes, that was rather bemusing to me when I read it…

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