Curtain unveiling


OK, so I’m cautiously moving into the “open to public consumption” phase…

I’ve finally got the motivation for moving my entire website to WordPress: I’m a php and WordPress novice, so not everything might be lined up yet. I’ve worked out the livejournal crossposting, at least…

What do you think? Feedback very much welcome, though I can’t promise I’ll be capable of taking everything into account, since all I did was tweaking the colour scheme of an existing theme…

PS: incidentally, does anyone know how to create a nifty contact form?
(thanks, David!)
PS: monkeying around with colour schemes, so everything might look wonky for a while…


  1. Ooh, I love the banner! Gorgeous and really powerful.

  2. WP-Spamfree is both a spam fighter as well as having a contact form you can use. I have it on my blogsite, am happy with it.

    what’s wrong with the comments? which plugins are you trying to use?

    I like the banner, but not so nuts about the background coloring here. bit too dark.

  3. Steph–thanks!
    David, I’ll check out WP-Spamfree, thanks! It is a very dark background (especially on Internet Explorer, weirdly enough), I’ll see if I can lighten it up without messing the entire colour scheme…
    I was trying to have avatars for commenters, but I think I downloaded the wrong plugins (WordPress Gravatars alone doesn’t seem to be doing the trick). Do you know how I can let people edit comments?

  4. WP Gravatars works fine, there’s a slight trick to it though. Can’t remember exactly, but I think you leave the Gravatars default setting as is and then you go to your wordpress Settings. Click Discussion. scroll down and you’ll see avatar settings. Set Avatar Display to “Don’t show avatars”, and the set default avatars to something. mine is set to Identicons. make sure Gravatars is also set to hand out Identicons/ wavatars to commenters without gravatars.

    I think that’s what I did. either way, whatever I did people used ot have both gravatars and identicons on my blog.

    I installed Intense Debate now to take over my commenting system, and it includes a time frame wherein commenters can edit their comments, unless they receive a reply.
    alternatively, there’s a plugin called Edit Comments which also allows commenters to edit their comments for a short duration of time. I used that before and it works fine.

    all oft this is on the assumption you’re using wp 2.7.

  5. New website looks great! Love the dark clouds over temple pic. Where is that?

  6. David–got them working, thanks a lot!!
    Steve–thanks! It’s the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

  7. ah, yes, I like the colors much more now.
    you’re welcome.

  8. Thanks! It’s definitely more readable, though the links colour still isn’t there (not different enough from black). I hope I haven’t forgotten to change anything…

  9. Hi Aliette. Nice-looking website. I will put a link on my site.

  10. Looks great! Love the background pic. I should be throwing a site together soon, too.

  11. Thanks, Gareth–linked you back 🙂 (I’d forgotten)
    Justin, looking forward to it 🙂

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