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State of the writer


As the radio silence might indicate, I’ve been fairly busy, though most of it wasn’t writing. Had a fun and busy weekend with friends and family, saw Neil Williamson on his way through Paris, tried an Asian recipe (cha siu, which turned out awesome and which I heartily recommend. There will be pics next time, I swear), and worked my way through more Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries.

And now it’s back to the grind–aka researching the next Obsidian and Blood novel. I’ve already got a fairly good idea of what it’s about, but now I need a detailed outline and a plot that (hopefully) makes sense. Got a pile of books on the sofa, a full teapot, and my trusty notebook…

Books books books


So, have set the BF on Use of Weapons (while I really ought to try The Player of Games, if I can find it somewhere).

Meanwhile, I’m rereading Dorothy L. Sayers. It’s fascinating to see those books through the lens of the Thirties society they depict: they have a very strong class mentality, which I expected, but I didn’t expect the little tidbits that really tell you how much the world has changed. An example in the current one: the doctor who wants to specialise in cancer research, but can’t because there is no funding for it, or indeed any cases to be seen. (obviously, people in those times died off before cancer could set in).

Got myself a DVD of Angel with Spanish and English tracks and subtitles, to continue working on my Spanish. And, well, apart from working on a handful of edits for stuff, that would seem to be about it for the weekend. Good stuff. I shall now go back to my xa xiu cooking…