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My first French translation!


A new French webzine has launched here: its inaugural issue has stories by Laurent Kloetzer and me (“Coeur Flétri”, the English-language translation of “Blighted Heart”). With extra texts by Xavier Mauméjean and Daryl Gregory, which you can get when you buy the whole issue (2.99 euros), or you can wait a bit for them to be posted.

Thanks to Seb Cevey, Florence Dolisi, and the whole Angle Mort team for the honour of opening up the shop 🙂

(and wow, it sure feels weird to be published in my native language…)

Also, for an encore, my second French translation will soon be published in Galaxies, courtesy of Pierre Gévart and Camille Thérion. It’s “Chute d’un Papillon au Point du Jour”, in which the astute will recognise the French version of the Xuya story “Butterfly Falling at Dawn”.

And for the encore of the encore, here’s the webpage of my French publisher, Eclipse.

Best of BCS and SF Signal interview


My short story “Blighted Heart” can now be found in the anthology The Best of BCS, along with tales from wistling (Tony Pi), snickelish (Sarah L. Edwards), and therinth (Erin Cashier). If you feel like trying out stories about creepy corn-men, Russian witches and a homonculus forced to do an alchemist’s dark bidding, then here’s the place :=)
Available in a variety of ebook formats including Kindle and epub.

Also, a belated nod to a joint interview with Gareth L. Powell (courtesy of the tireless Charles Tan) about our collaboration, “The Church of Accelerated Redemption”, now available in the Shine Anthology.

More audio fiction: Blighted Heart


For your listening pleasure: “Blighted Heart” is now available as a podcast (recorded by Beneath Ceaseless Skies). Go here (for the table of contents of BCS audio) or directly here for the mp3.

In other related news, “Blighted Heart” is also Story of the Week over at Fantastic Reviews Blog, courtesy of Aaron Hughes:

“Blighted Heart” is a powerful, beautifully written story, and a great example of why de Bodard was the runner-up for this year’s John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, losing out very narrowly to David Anthony Durham.